A Partial Update on Capacitive Charger

I added some capacitance to the charger, so now there is 10 microfarads total capacitance. I just added them parallel to the original. Rain has prevented using the charger for over a week. Until the charger is fully tested, the battery under charge sits outside under a metal containment shell in case the unfortunate should happen- a hydrogen explosion. So far so good, and no explosions.

The motorcycle battery which was the original test battery did come up to a full charge once put on a trickle charge. While I was not sure on the eventual outcome, it did respond nicely and took the charge. Next week it will get load tested in a lawn tractor, which was where it came from originally, so it will be fairly easy to know if actual capacity was recovered.

Also coming up will be an LED lighting addition. Should be next week but might be the week after depending on work load.

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