This may sound a little odd for a blog not aimed at making money, but…

Many people have certain preferences for tool manufacturers, and it would come as a surprise to quite a few that there really are only a handful of corporations that make most of the hand tools you use. Sometimes those loyalties are generated by customer service, especially after the sale in this internet age, and some loyalties result from just the tool itself, for durability, fit, you name it. My reason for posting this is in praise of smaller company that was able to take that extra step. I should have posted this much earlier, but some matters beyond my control interceeded. Below is the post, a bit delayed.

Some companies have a reputation for an excellent tool, some have a reputation among some circles for dependability and customer service. One company that I have a number of measuring tools from is General tools. I have one in particular that I found my disk was cracked and not usable in a disk drive as a result; and they found me a replacement. This level of customer service is rarely found these days, and greatly appreciated.

If you are doing brickwork, there is one tool that will come in very handy for cutting bricks or pavers to make a nice arch or curve and reduce the headaches they can produce. The tool is named “Angle-izer”.


It can also speed the layout for panel supports or whatever you can think of that may not always use a regular 90 degree, 45 degree, or common angle. Especially if you are fitting to an existing structure that may not be completely plumb or flat, such as lap siding of various materials.

It does not look like much. I will certainly admit that, but it is a useful tool that comes with a CD that includes instructions and a layout program so you can simply plug in numbers essentially to do your lay-outs ahead of time. It also shows you some tricks that you may not always realize it can be used for.

So if trigonometry is not your strong point, and even if it is, you will find it potentially useful.

And while my aim of this blog is not to be commercial, sometimes there are companies out there you just have to raise the coffee mug and give them a nod of appreciation. This is just one of them, I only wish there were more.

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