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Triplett 3212 “Tube Analyser”, Tube Tester

Other updates are the replacement of the copper oxide rectifier with a silicon rectifier (1N4007), and replacement of the old paper cap with a polyester capacitor of the same 0.1 microfarad capacitance at 630 WVDC. The copper oxide rectifier is safer than selenium, but still has significant reverse bias leakage, the silicon diode has much less leakage, so a significant upgrade to performance. Continue reading

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Kliegl Lighting system repair notes

If the SCR’s check out okay, and they can also be checked by swapping the control boards between working and non working dimmer units. 3Kw and 5Kw boards are functionally interchagable for testing with moderate loads, Continue reading

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Reciever/Tuner tweeks short of a full alignment.

While alignment gear is needed for a full FM alignment, what I describe deals with solely those FM recievers, radios and stereo tuners that have no problems with separation or with a single station appearing in multiple spots on the dial. Continue reading

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