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Another Pulse Charger

…This is a lot more sophisticated than previous circuits, but this one can be adjusted for current flow through the cells by using a higher value zener and adjusting the value of R1 to protect Zener. As shown it is suitable for a 6 volt lead acid or Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride battery array of 6 volts (5 cells) or 4 alkaline cells experimentally. … Continue reading

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Salvaging Parts: Some Strategies.

It was cost effective from the standpoint that for power consumed, plus my investment on the gun and an estimated value of parts amortized over one hour was worthwhile (no excel spreadsheet for those wishing to see the documentation, but I suggest trying it yourself.), versus the power consumed to attempt removal, the power required, etc- the heat gun won by a landslide. Continue reading

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Making CFL’s and LED lights work on PIR systems

What this resistor does is to replace the resistance that was the incandescent filament. Continue reading

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Some useful references I have found over the years and some useful notes

…but perhaps most important are the Data sheets, Application Notes and “Suggested designs” from the manufacturers themselves. Sometimes sample circuits are presented in the Data sheets, otherwise look to Application Notes. Some of the Application notes are even compiled into a book in such a way that the book could be used as a textbook… Continue reading

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