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A Partial Update on Capacitive Charger

I added some capacitance to the charger, so now there is 10 microfarads total capacitance. I just added them parallel to the original. Rain has prevented using the charger for over a week. Until the charger is fully tested, the … Continue reading

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Capacitor, Capacitive Battery Charger Circuit.

My preliminary battery chosen was a motorcycle battery that had been sitting outside over winter, and was likely 4 to 7 years old and therefore an excellent candidate for sulphated plates. The charger itself is nothing more than an industrial bridge rectifier I could only infer was a 9 Amp 900 volt PIV as I could not locate a datasheet. The capacitor was a 250 VAC, 3 microfarad capacitor- non-polarized. That was it. Not counting cord or wires. The capacitor was wired to the line side of the mains power, in the event of a failure, it was the shortest potentially exposed path for AC current in the event of failure. Continue reading

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