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A Quick Overview of Tube Testing…

Now I mention a number of times now of letting the equipment be the final arbitter of the tube’s merit. This is simply because some circuits are not super critical to the tube’s “measured” value, and there is no question there are some pieces of equipment that are very critical of having even acceptable tubes from the tester not being good enough for the circuit (I have a Dumont scope like the one in the “Raj Mahal” which is that way.). Conversely I have a tube radio chassis that has all 5 of it’s tubes test below the question mark, and yet reception is very strong, sound quality is as good as a typical table radio and everything works as it should. Continue reading

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Construction of a Guitar Amplifier Worthy of the Effort

Now to be clear- this amp was not going to be a total ripoff of their design, that was not the intent, but rather this amplifier is an Homage to their design and to see if it could be accomplished with what I had available- with a few important tweeks and differences, their design only gave a starting point. To say the least, this amplifier is a “one of a kind” largely because many of the parts I used were the only parts I had on hand. Any others I build in the future will be different- even if inspired by other amps manufactured by the big name companies. Continue reading

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Some information on CRT’s- Honest and Accurate Unlike Much of What You Read on the Topic Elsewhere.

As color TV set prices dropped, those tubes made roughly after 1973 no longer had a “frit” and were no longer garage rebuildable. My dad actually worked with a fellow who did rebuild the CRT’s in his garage, and I met him and talked with him about the process back in those days. With the introduction of the Sony “Trinitron”, which actually still had the 3 electron guns, but had an assembly that worked slightly different as a couple of tube elements that had been 3 seperate items each in RCA, GE and others CRT’s and remained so, were now handled by one element instead of three in the Sony products. These Trinitrons were not garage rebuildable. and their introduction also corresponded to the demise of many neighbornood TV shops as sets got cheaper and repair parts got more expensive and labor became a major factor of a repair cost. Color CRT’s were rebuildable even with fused glass parts or burned phosphor coatings, but it required the facilities of on par with a factory to do so- which remained possible into the early part of this century- and they were not cheap. Continue reading

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Just Some Idle Notes

Other chargers have been attempted for charging “Primary” Alkaline cells, but they too suffered various limitations, from undercharging the cell so it had minimal capacity, or they suffered from the same failures from heat of the “Alkaline Charger”- Namely leakage and small explosions. This is usually the result of a lack of diffusion and localized heating within the cells. The cycling will hopefully address this issue so effective charging will occur. Continue reading

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A Different Way to Explain the Failings of the Monopole Motor.

Achieving “unity” is a “Zero Sum Game”; in a universe where “Entropy” or disorder reigns supreme; is a noble goal that only time will be the arbitter of the ultimate final answer. Continue reading

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This may sound a little odd for a blog not aimed at making money, but…

So if trigonometry is not your strong point, and even if it is, you will find it potentially useful.

And while my aim of this blog is not to be commercial, sometimes there are companies out there you just have to raise the coffee mug and give them a nod of appreciation. This is just one of them, I only wish there were more.
Continue reading

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Water Gas anyone?

So, to achieve the brute force simple method where you can dump a great deal of current into the water gas electrolysis/reaction chamber when braking; is to use a stack of FETs on heat sinking, at least triple the current capability of the alternator. Continue reading

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Salvaging Parts: Some Strategies.

It was cost effective from the standpoint that for power consumed, plus my investment on the gun and an estimated value of parts amortized over one hour was worthwhile (no excel spreadsheet for those wishing to see the documentation, but I suggest trying it yourself.), versus the power consumed to attempt removal, the power required, etc- the heat gun won by a landslide. Continue reading

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The way to Test “Free Energy” Items

And in all sincere honesty- NONE of the free energy systems I have been critical of thus far can pass the test of my coffeemaker. Continue reading

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Making CFL’s and LED lights work on PIR systems

What this resistor does is to replace the resistance that was the incandescent filament. Continue reading

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